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Visit our gallery-inspired showroom in McLaren Flat, South Australia

Step into a world of artistry and history as you explore our captivating Ninio perfume & factice bottle collection.

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We are now open

Our gallery-inspired showroom is now open to the public.

Tuesday to Friday, 10am to 3pm.
33c Ingoldby Rd, McLaren Flat, South Australia.

We welcome groups of all sizes, from small groups to tour buses accommodating up to 100 people.
Call us to book on 08 8383 0715 or email

Our inspiration

Henry Ninio

Henry Ninio, Adelaide’s 75th Lord Mayor and co-founder of Piaf Parfumerie, opened his first store in Adelaide in 1970, which expanded into a chain of outlets in Adelaide and Perth. The perfume & factice bottle collection of Henry Ninio, once belonged to the renowned Piaf Perfumerie collection and was the largest of its kind in the Southern Hemisphere. It is now showcased for public viewing at Cocco Corporation in McLaren Flat, South Australia. (photo courtesy of the Adelaide Advertiser)

The Journey Continues

Nigel Treliving, Executive Director of Cocco Corporation (Maine Beach & Trelivings), began his journey with these artifacts when he was 15. During his Christmas school holidays, whilst working in the glassware department of David Jones, he first encountered the Piaf Perfumes during their tours across Australia, which sparked his deep fascination. Nigel Treliving, now an avid collector, has passionately expanded the collection. Recently, he added 1950s Art Deco clear glass perfume bottles from Vancouver and Roman perfume bottles, enhancing the collection’s historical depth.

More to see

Visitors exploring the collection will also appreciate the stunning showroom nestled among the vineyards. Here, they can admire rare tapestry by the late John Olsen and artworks by the indigenous artist known as the ‘Lilly Lady’. Her artwork, which is also displayed at the National Art Gallery of Australia, have been seamlessly integrated into Maine Beach’s Kakadu Plum Collection. Additionally, the showroom features glass artwork by Tom Moore which has made it’s way home to Cocco Corporation after a four-year tour across Australia with the Jam Factory.

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Tuesday to Friday, 10am to 3pm   |  33c Ingoldby Rd, McLaren Flat, South Australia.

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